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Top 5 Engineering Courses in India which Charge the Highest Fees

Top 5 engineering courses in India which charge the highest fees

Engineering courses in India have always been the first choice for a career for most people. This is due to how moneymaking is and the quantity of career possibilities it gives. Engineering is the bottom, as well as the direction to the improvement of lifestyles. There is a need for an engineer in almost all sectors, and therefore, there’s an extensive engineering course with high fees to pick from. As the admissions manner is now underway, it’s far more pleasant to evaluate and analyze which engineering path is great for you.

There are a number of exclusive kinds of engineering in every field. Moreover, a couple of faculties offer topmost engineering guides. Engineering does no longer only encompass mechanical or digital, but there are many other alternatives to pick from. This has brought about many schools, both authorities and personnel, to open up. Although the government faculties are taken into consideration better, the personal ones are not much less.

All the engineering courses with high fees can be completed most effectively after one passes out of faculty. After passing 10+2, the scholar has to go through a B.Tech direction of 4 years and then a master’s or a Ph.D.

Minimum Eligibility to opt for engineering degree after 12th

While deciding on the specialization of engineering courses with high fees, it is critical to understand the simple Eligibility. Here is a breakdown of the minimum eligibility standards that can get you into a good university of engineering:

  • Firstly, a pupil has to have studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in Class 12.
  • The student needs to have qualifying marks in Class 12  in these subjects.
  • Some schools, particularly authorities engineering faculties, need you to qualify for the entrance tests taken for engineering.

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Students who successfully meet the standards can then find admission to an engineering university with the specialization in their desire.

List of Most Popular Engineering Courses with the highest fees

Here is a list of the most famous Engineering courses with top fees

1. Mechanical Engineering

In all engineering streams, mechanical engineering is the Top fee engineering program in India. It is a profession that helps college students apprehend heavy machinery’s running mechanisms. The postulates of engineering, physics, and substances are studied and carried out below this branch.

The Mechanical Costly engineering colleges in India cover topics consisting of structure and research. A mechanical engineer will supervise and prepare projects in fields consisting of thermal electricity plants, nuclear strength flora, energy technology, renewable energy, automobiles, quality manipulation, business automation, mechanical biology, etc. DRDO, ABB, Indian Railway, TATA Motors, Reliance Industries, ABB, and Mahindra & Mahindra are among the outstanding firms.

2. Computer Science Engineering Course

Computer Science and Engineering is one of the most Expensive B.Tech courses in India that college students take with their college students in bulk, consistent with special academic portals. The path is open to candidates interested in serving as Software Engineers or Informatics Specialists inside the IT enterprise. In this path, you may learn programming languages, software program knowledge, software layout, and coding and assignment control. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, Oracle, Cisco, and Wipro are some of the most well-known corporations.

The location of PC technological know-how subsumes the mixture of electronics and software program engineering. Computer science engineers have various abilities, which include evaluation, creativity, hassle-solving, vital thinking, communication, and management.

3. Civil Engineering

 Another High-cost engineering stream in India is civil engineering—  it includes planning, layout, construction, and supervising infrastructures. It enables the facilitation of highways and bridges, hospitals, sewage, and different homes.

4. Automobile Engineering

 The vehicle region is a field that deals with matters associated with the auto enterprise. Mainly with the producing, operations, and mechanical mechanism of motors. It introduces college students to the mechanisms and engineering of automobiles, vans, motorcycles, and buses among others. This is also a four- to 12-month course with practical experiments.

5. Aeronautical Engineering Course

 Aeronautical engineering attracts students interested in understanding the depth of airplanes and their mechanisms. It teaches college students about the aviation and protection enterprise, propulsion machines, and a lot of other possibilities. This is a taxing area due to the detailing and difficult paintings it requires. This is one of the most moneymaking fields, and its length is four years.

Fee Structure of Engineering Courses

Since this field has an array of activity descriptions, it is relatively easy to find an engineering job. This is a completely lucrative choice in addition to many human beings opting for the same. There are quite a few distinctive fields that are possible input into along with drafting and design engineering, agriculture, mechanical, and geotechnical. Management and civil engineering are a number of the famous ones.

There are numerous schools, each government and personal in India, and each is exceptional to examine. The prices for each fluctuate regarding the facilities they provide; however, it’s far well worth the cash. Private institutions, including BITS and VIT, price around 70,000-1,00,000 INR per annum. Whereas authorities schools, including the IITs, rate anywhere around 7-10 lakhs INR in line with annum. This is the simplest discipline where the prices for a central authority university are more than that of a private college! There are some government quota seats available within the non-public colleges in which the scholars pay similar to what they could in a government college.

Scope of Engineering in India

Engineering courses in India are a number of first-class guides, and as a result, there are lots of opportunities and scope in the equal. Engineering jobs commonly constantly pay well, and some of the best-paying ones are referred to below

1. Petroleum Engineer

this field rakes a variety of cash. And with the call for oil growing every day, this discipline is set to develop 10-fold in the future. Due to this, petroleum engineers are a number of the highest-paid engineers throughout the globe. One can earn INR 4-5 lakh with 2 years of experience and INR 20-40 lakh INR with around 10 years of enjoyment.

2. Computer Engineer

 it’s miles a mix of two fields: electrical engineering and computer science. This is due to the fact this subject deals with both hardware and software. Due to the increase in the IT industry, quite a few college students opt for this excessive-paying task. A brisker can earn around INR 5 lakh, and a professional can earn as much as INR 40 lakh according to annum.

3. Chemical Engineering

 This subject consists of physics and chemistry, along with mathematics and economics. This is an unstable but creative and beneficial discipline. Also, it is one of the maximum-paid regions beneath engineering. The earnings range from INR 8 lakh to INR 30 lakh according to annum for a brisker and a skilled professional, respectively.

How to select the best engineering course

Engineering is one of the most sought-after sectors of expert schooling in India. Therefore, heaps of college students enroll in engineering guides every 12 months. Engineering is a well-established field, and students can specialize in loads of areas to pursue a hit career. It is hard to choose among quality engineering guides for destiny. Since everyone gained have an interest or be true to the whole thing.

Selecting your engineering specialization is an enormous and very last choice that has to be made with caution. After completing your schooling, first, you should carefully check your region of interest. Secondly, your aptitude for a specific specialization (keeping in mind that every specialization requires an extraordinary set of skills and abilities). Thirdly, the employment potentialities for your chosen specialization in India. In the end, search for the expected reach of the sphere abroad.

Before choosing an engineering specialization, careful and in-intensity studies are needed because it’s miles a sizable professional choice.

What affects the price of an engineering course

Government vs Private

Government schools are much cheaper than their non-public opposite numbers. A B.Tech Computer Science diploma at Amity University or Sharda University can also emerge as costing double what it might fee at IIT Kharagpur. Private colleges additionally have a variety of “hidden” expenses that a new scholar ought to be aware of.

Government faculties also, in fact, offer better training than personal institutions. Thus, strive for high quality to secure your admission to a government university due to the fact the positives outweigh the negatives.

Urban vs Semi-Urban

Suppose your college is in a tier-1 city or a primary city (suppose Delhi, Mumbai, and the like); your route costs might be much better than if your college occurs to be in smaller towns or semi-city areas. You cannot count on the fees of an engineering college in Chennai to be equal to that of an engineering college in Bhopal. That’s just no longer how matters paintings.

One Branch vs Another

Please take a closer study of the table that I have supplied above. You will observe that the direction price is not uniform throughout the numerous distinct branches of engineering. For example, a B.Tech in Autotronics will value your manner more than a B.Tech in Textile Engineering. So, hold this fluctuation of charges in your thoughts when you are you make a decision.


With the proper capabilities units and an engineering qualification that accentuates your skill sets,  it’s feasible to develop and expand a successful engineering career no matter the excessive competition levels. Moreover, with new revolutionary technology emerging by way of the hour, it is possible to discover professional niches with a bright future ahead.

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