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B.Tech (engineering) at School of Management Sciences, Lucknow Courses & Fees Structure

B.Tech (engineering) at School of Management Sciences, Lucknow Courses & Fees Structure

One of the best academic institutions in the country is the Lucknow School of Management Sciences (SMS), especially when it comes to Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) programs. Private B.Tech colleges in Lucknow are devoted to teaching people yet to come of designers and give an extensive variety of B.Tech courses in a few designing specializations. The establishment’s accentuation on true insight and current educational program feature notoriety for giving training is pertinent to the business.

Students who enrol in SMS Lucknow’s B.Tech program step into a dynamic learning environment that develops both the academic understanding and practical skills necessary for success in the quickly changing technological landscape. This article examines the range of B.Tech programs that SMS Lucknow provides and the open pricing structure that guarantees access to excellent education.

Courses Offered

The B.Tech programs at SMS Lucknow are made to oblige the large number of interests and expert objectives planned specialists might have. The association ensures that students get the opportunity to focus on their area of interest by giving college classes in an assortment of designing fields. A portion of the B.Tech courses presented by private engineering colleges in Lucknow are as per the following:

1. B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

Aspiring technologists can track down trust at the School of Management Sciences (SMS) in Lucknow’s B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) program. This broad course has been carefully created to give students a profound perception of both present day innovation improvements and fundamental software engineering standards.

Understudies in this educational plan gain a thorough comprehension of the business by digging into the particulars of structures and programming. The program is painstakingly intended to compare with current business patterns, preparing understudies to satisfy the consistently changing needs of the IT business. You can also search for B.Tech in Computer Science fees.

2. B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

The School of Management Sciences (SMS) in Lucknow’s B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering program is a prime example of their dedication to quality in engineering education. This extensive course explores the complex field of mechanical systems, providing students with a deep comprehension of machine design, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and manufacturing procedures. Modern laboratories and workshops at SMS Lucknow provide students with hands-on learning opportunities that go beyond theoretical concepts.

The program is structured to empower graduates with the skills necessary for a successful career in diverse industries, including automotive, aerospace, and energy. With a curriculum that adapts to industry trends and a faculty dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation, the B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering at SMS Lucknow equips students with academic knowledge and the hands-on expertise required to address the challenges of a rapidly evolving engineering landscape. You can also search for B.Tech admission eligibility.

3. B.Tech in Civil Engineering

The School of Management Sciences (SMS) at Lucknow’s B.Tech in Civil Engineering curriculum is evidence of the school’s dedication to generating skilled and socially conscious engineers. This extensive course covers a wide range of topics, exploring the fundamentals of environmental studies, transportation engineering, and structural design. In addition to receiving academic instruction, students in SMS Lucknow’s Civil Engineering program also get hands-on experience through internships and site visits.

The curriculum has been carefully developed to teach students a sense of accountability for building resilient and sustainable infrastructure. Graduates leave with a comprehensive understanding of construction processes as well as a comprehensive viewpoint on urban development and planning. The B.Tech in Civil Engineering program at SMS Lucknow emphasizes ethical and sustainable engineering methods while preparing students to contribute significantly to the world’s expanding infrastructure demands. The curriculum complies with industry standards. You can also search for B.Tech IT course details.

4. B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

The School of Management Sciences (SMS) in Lucknow offers a lively B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) degree for students who want to influence the communication technology course. This course is designed with great care to give students a thorough understanding of signal processing, communication networks, and electrical systems. Students at SMS Lucknow engage with modern technologies, obtaining practical experience in labs and projects. The program’s curriculum is created to keep up with the industry’s rapid innovations, preparing graduates for jobs in electronic product development, embedded systems, and telecommunications.

The ECE program at SMS Lucknow promotes creativity and innovation in addition to theoretical ideas. Graduates of the program are equipped with a combination of academic knowledge and practical skills that enable them to make a substantial effect in sectors that propel technological advancement and contribute to the constantly changing field of electronics and communication.

Fees Structure

Prospective students and their families should be aware of the financial implications of pursuing a B.Tech course fees in School of Management Sciences, Lucknow. The competitive and transparent fees at SMS Lucknow are an example of the institution’s dedication to offering high-quality education. It’s crucial to remember that costs could range slightly amongst B.Tech programs. An outline of the general fees structure for B.Tech in School of Management Sciences, Lucknow, is shown below:

1. Tuition Fees

The School of Management Sciences (SMS) in Lucknow is dedicated to offering high-quality education without placing a great deal of cost on its students, as shown by the cost of tuition for its B.Tech degrees. In order to maintain a supportive learning environment, the fees pay for faculty salaries, academic resources, and other necessary services. Due to its affordable tuition, SMS Lucknow is particularly appealing to a wide variety of pupils. The university aims to achieve a balance between affordability and quality because it understands the role that education plays in developing the next generation of engineers.

In order to encourage students’ academic journey and create an environment where aspiring engineers may concentrate on their studies and personal growth without needless financial burden, SMS Lucknow has a transparent tuition cost system.

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2. Hostel and Accommodation Fees

The School of Management Sciences (SMS) in Lucknow provides hostel services for students who prefer the comfort and community of living on campus. The hotel fees are structured to provide a safe and enjoyable stay. Several facilities are included in the hostel and accommodation rates, such as comfortable rooms, common areas, and essential services like security and housekeeping. With an emphasis on creating a feeling of community among students, SMS Lucknow takes pride in offering a welcoming residential environment that enhances the educational experience.

The extra costs for accommodation and hostel support the operation and maintenance of these amenities, giving guests a secure and stimulating environment.

3. Examination and Other Miscellaneous Fees

Exams and other fees are integrated into the operations of the Lucknow School of Management Sciences (SMS) to guarantee efficient academic procedures and student services. Exam preparation, administration, and evaluation are all part of the assessment process, and the examination fees partially cover these costs. These costs are essential to preserving the evaluation system’s effectiveness and integrity. Miscellaneous fees also pay for various student services like lab space, library materials, and other necessities.

These fees are essential to giving kids a well-rounded education because they make accessing various educational materials and support services easier. The open and fair approach taken by SMS Lucknow in outlining these fees is indicative of the institution’s dedication to transparency and equity.

4. Scholarships and Financial Assistance

The School of Management Sciences (SMS) located in Lucknow is committed to promoting inclusive education by providing a comprehensive range of financial aid and scholarships. Scholarship programs are open to deserving students as well as those with financial difficulties, proving SMS Lucknow’s dedication to equal chances. These scholarships aim to motivate students to pursue the highest levels of success in their B.Tech programs by rewarding academic achievement. In order to ensure that students from economically disadvantaged families have access to high-quality education, financial aid programs are also in place.

SMS Lucknow is committed to cultivating a diverse and brilliant student body, enabling people to achieve their educational goals regardless of their financial situation. This is demonstrated by its proactive approach to scholarships and financial aid. The organization’s dedication to facilitating access to education enhances its standing as a driving force for positive change and societal advancement. You can also search for B.Tech fees per year at SMS.


Aspiring engineers’ futures are primarily shaped by their decisions about which B.Tech program to attend. Reputable in the industry, the Lucknow School of Management Sciences provides a wide array of B.Tech degrees tailored to the needs of the dynamic engineering world.

With an emphasis on hands-on experience, a curriculum tailored to the business, and a transparent yet competitive pricing structure, private B.Tech colleges in Lucknow offer students who want to succeed in the technology sector a strong foundation. Aspiring engineers can choose SMS Lucknow with assurance for their B.Tech program since they will be provided with top-notch instruction and assistance for their career advancement.

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